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New Music News!

Wayne Duke, Pete Garfinkel, and Captain Dave at The 515 Studio April 2017

Last week found me grounded in the music biz in Nashville, TN. It was great getting together with some fellow songwriters.

It's quite cool to see a lot of the folks I've met, mentored, helped, encouraged, make it one more step up the ladder of success. During Tin Pan South, a young fellow I mentored, Ian Mullins was mentioned. Pete Garfinkel, won the Ice Breaker contest at Spring Training with a song we co-wrote "Mesquite, Oak, and Applewood." So far I've had 3 songs make it to the pitch to publisher luncheon and a few on NSAI's top 40. Lance Carpenter, who co-wrote, "Love Me Like You Mean It" with Kelsea Ballerini gave a great presentation showing how he's progressed from a novice songwriter to #1 Hit songwriter. Lance performed on the Country Stampede NSAI Songwriter's stage a few years ago. Read more about that venue later in this blog. is a brand new website created to pitch music directly and support fellow aviators. There's tons of stuff in aviation about technology and the latest gadgets, but virtually nothing about the professional pilot lifestyle and personal challenges. That's where the website comes in. It has one of NSAI's Pitch to Publisher songs "That's When It Hit You." My current favorite is "Alpine Chill." It's amazing how long it takes to get anything done on the site though..... Eventually, I hope to market some cool aviation stationery. The stationery will be postcards and greeting cards with appropriate photos from the website gallery. How cool would that be to be able to mail a postcard or greeting card with some of the photos from this gallery? It's coming. Should be available by the end of summer 2017.

Sorry, fans, but I did not enter a song in the Country Stampede song contest this year :-( Ken Matteisen and I will be hosting it again. It's hard to believe this will be our 8th year hosting the NSAI Songwriter's Stage. Be sure to vote for your favorite in the Country Stampede Songwriter's contest. If you make it to Country Stampede, stop by the NSAI Songwriter's tent and say howdy. It's always been (and probably will be again this year) the big yellow and white tent near the food concessions. If Captain Dave's feet are on the ground and he's not emceeing the main stage, he'll be there.

Other exciting news:

  • Hopefully this week, Lucas Maddy and I will be getting together to cowrite a new song for the band "Kansas Cartel" He's really changed his style since I first met him in 2010. Very cool.

  • My good friend Donna Valentine released another CD "FLY" on Itunes. I really like "A Friend Like You!" Wow! Way to go Donna. It takes a lot of persistence and determination to put out a CD. Check it out.

  • Spent the better of 2 days last week at Studio 515 recording 4 songs. One was a co-write with Pete Garfinkel for his website. The final vocals should be done this week. I'm excited to hear the final product. At least one of the songs, "Who Loves Lonnie" should be available on this website by the end of April.

A great time was had by all who attended, Nashville Songwriter's Association International (NSAI)'s Spring Training and Tin Pan South last week. We heard some of the best hit songwriter's in the world! Captain Dave is a coordinator for NSAI's Manhattan, Kansas chapter. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month 7-9 PM at the Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville, 1219 Moro, Manhattan, KS. If you are in town drop by see what's happening, hear a few songs in their raw versions, and learn something new about songwriting. All the hits you love started somewhere, some start here.

Thanks for reading,

Keep the Greasy side down,

Hope to see you or haul you around soon,

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