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Novice, Passenger, Pilot wanna be?

About this site:

This site was created to provide a link between the various  zen aspects of an aviation life and sell Captain Dave's Music to the public.

This site shall inspire, uplift, educate, and propel pilots and passengers to take the next step in their journey in an aviation life while providing balance with family, God, and personal growth.

What the Site is NOT: this is not about the technical aspects of aviation.  Advice in the blogs will be general and non specific.  In other words, its not about what each flight school has to offer, but more about what to consider when looking for flight training. 

"5 Things" - Will be updated frequently with Trivia and quick tips for every category. Eventually "5 Things will appear on every page!

IMGP6827 - Copy
Sunset Hang Gliding

Ausable Chasm, New York

Photo by Captain Dave

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