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Captain Dave

Captain Dave here-

A major US airline keeps me gainfully employed and busy most of the time.  

    How long have you been flying?  About 3 years 3 months in logbook time (Approximately 28,000 hours). In calendar time about 40 years total and 30 years spanning 4 airlines.

How long have you been writing music?  At the age of 10, I borrowed my brother's guitar and taught myself to play using Mel Bay books.  I played in an amateur band in high school as well as the clarinet and piano.  At about 12 I started putting poetry to music and writing my own songs.  In college I orchestrated a couple songs for our pep band and continued writing songs.  Through the 1980's and 1990's I was too busy flying for a commuter airline and raising a family to write much.

  Then in the early 2000's I joined NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International and eventually became a coordinator.   Now when I have free time I write and co-write with a few close friends via Skype and in person.  I'm a proud member of Grammy nominated Amanda Williams' Songpreneur group.

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