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Rules for Posting in the Forums

  • You must be logged in to post

  • Posts must be uplifting or informative. Failure to do so will result in removal of post and possible expulsion:

    • No profanity​ or explicit content

    • No derogatory or demeaning slurs (including race, gender, occupation...)

    • No fighting, name calling, caterwauling, or spitting.

    • No self promotion without permission from the administrator

    • No politics, no union comments, no employer slander

  • In Other words, "You have to play nice or I'll have to put you in time out."

One of the objectives of this site is to help pilots advance their careers.  To do that a pilot must learn to be "Captain Shaped."  If you want to wear those 5 black stripes (4 gold) on your epaulets, you have to be the right person all the time.  You have to have the right stuff.  Think and act like Captain "Sully" and you'll go far.

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